They say “the sky is the limit”, yet It may not always seem like it. It’s common you’ll find yourself going through many hardships when conducting a new brand. These hardships can at times become difficult to overcome. The passion and determination for your vision is a major factor when looking for that extra motivation.

Key factors contributing to success!

I’ve developed some key factors to keep in mind when considering the style and feel of your new or existing business/entrepreneurship.

  • Knowing your target market/core customer.
  • Conduct with confidence/ deliver a strong pitch.
  • Have an appealing wardrobe for your brand.

Staying relevant throughout social media as well as becoming a major source within your local market is necessary for establishing a name for yourself. Applying some lower rates or promotions for beginning customers to help build a customer base, and establishes portfolio work for proof of skills. People need to see how good you say your product or service is. Starting with these few steps helps grow a relationship with your target market community, starts conversations between others leading to other customers from word of mouth sales. Remember to treat every customer the same no matter how big the sale helps for great testimonials.

Self building, builds self branding!

You are your brand, your business is represented by your personal actions and the visual persona to others looking. Be careful not to show your audience the wrong impressions. For example posting a drunk picture of yourself on Instagram, then later posting an image contradicting that lifestyle. It throws off the message to viewers what it is you really represent. Look at it the same as if you worked for a corporate company, and they have a strict policy on social media and posting images that would reflect negative representation to their business. If this is a worry to you then it is best to have separate social media accounts for business use and one for personal.

You  must work on yourself continuously, never be satisfied with yourself. Always know that as you invest the effort in time on you, you can transform your life wherever you are right now! As you continue to work on yourself, you will continue to expand your vision of yourself. You began to work towards self mastery!  – Les Brown

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